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Beaches: Studland Beach | Morfa Dyffryn | Slapton Sands | Holkham Beach | Pednevounder Beach

Resorts: Pevors Farm | Broadlands | Avonvale Sun Club | Southleigh Manor | Tything Barn

UK Best Naturist Beach: Studland Beach, Dorset

UK best Nudist Beach

Studland Nudist Beach – the UK’s Best Nudist Beach

Located on the north-eastern tip of the part of Dorset known as the ‘Isle of Purbeck’, and separated from Bournemouth by the entrance to Poole harbour, Studland Beach Dorset is easily the best-known naturist beach in the UK, it is also qualifies as a UK best nudist beach.

Whatever the weather you will find a great nudist beach in Spain

Spain is a GREAT country to find a naturist beach

Spain is wonderful country to explore with beaches on the north and South Coasts and inland areas where naturists can enjoy their craft in the sunshine.  The weather is very different in Northern Spain when compared to the south – so there is lots of choice for nude bathing whatever weather you favour.

Nudism is legal in Spain but you are advised to be sensible and only strip where others also do.  There are no specifically designated nudist beaches in Spain however there are some lovely places to go where you will find other nudists.   Use the map below to locate a naturist beach to suit you.

naturist beach

Use this map to find the right area of spain. visit to find someone to share it with!








Map from

Finding the best Nudist beaches in Spain in the North

 Barinatxe Nudist Beach, Sopelana, Basque Country

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Nudist Beaches in Italy

Nudist Beach in Italy – if that’s what you are looking for, read on for some of Italy’s finest naturist beaches uncovered.

Bassona, Capacotta, Guvano in Liguria, Lido de Venezia, Portonovo, Bibbona, Costa Verde including Aquarilli beach are some of the renowned nudist beachdestinations found in Italy.

Naturists love Capocotta Nudist Beach

Capocotta beach is to be found along the southern coast of Rome between Ostia and Tor Vaianica. Capocotta beach is one of the loveliest naturist beaches of this area, as shown in the picture below.

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Australia Nudist Beaches: Samurai Beach, Cobblers Beach, Obelisk Beach, Swanbourne Beach


Top – Australian Nudist Beaches: Samurai Beach, Cobblers Beach, Obelisk Beach, Swanbourne Beach

Australia is a wonderful country with guaranteed weather – a perfect destination from naturism or nudist holidays.  There are some perfect locations and brilliant Australian Nudist Beaches but it is best to do your homework before you set out.  The status of some beaches have been known to change and the location you choose does need permission for naturism for you to go nude in Australia.  If you want to meet up with other nudists before you go to the beach visit

Best Australian Nudist Beaches – Samurai Beach

At Port Stephens in New South Wales, one of the best beaches to go nude in Australia, Samurai Beach, is 1km long. Situated by Tomaree National Park, protected by sand dunes and thick vegetation, the beach is defined by rocky outcrops at both ends. The water is sparkling clear blue and occasionally you will see dolphins playing in the shallows. There are no toilets or snack bars so come prepared; this is a slice of natural Australia. Watch your timings in November this beach hosts the annual Nude olympics – which is either your thing or its very much not! you have been warned!  Continue reading

Top Nude Beaches USA

Top Nude Beaches USA

Top Nude Beaches USA – Black’s Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, CA

Black’s is famous for being the largest nude beach in North America. It is very popular with naturists and surfers as well. The waves here get pretty big and so do the crowds.

Go nude on the beach at Black’s Beach which is located north of La Jolla and south of Torrey Pines.

Watch a video of how to access one of the Top Nude Beaches USA – Black’s Beach

Visitor reviews Black’s Beach:
“Blacks beach is a wonderful beach to visit. The best location to get to the beach is to park in the glider port at the top of the cliffs at the end of Torry Pines Scenic Drive. The descent to the beach is way overstated. It did not appear dangerous at all to me but it is a little steep…”
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South Africa Nudist Beaches – Sandy Bay Beach

Going Naked in South Africa may be harder than you think.  Nude is often a no-no in the country.

South African Nudist Beaches are scarce on the ground despite the fact that there are many people interested in going naked in South Africa.  The best way to meet others who like to go nude whether you are visiting for a holiday or you live in South Africa and wish to meet fellow friends is via a discrete site where you can let your interest be known and meet others who like to go naked in South Africa.  Visit to find new friends to share your hobby safely and legally.

South African Nudist Beaches Sandy Bay Beach.

Sandy Bay Beach is the only South African Nudist Beach and it holds that status unofficially. Located in Cape Town the stunning white sandy beach is just south of Llandudno.  Suitable and unofficially approved for nude sunbathing and surfing, the beach has a spectacular setting with a view of the Twelve Apostles mountain range in the distance.

South African Nudist Beaches, Nude, Go Nude in South Africa, Naked

Athletic visitor at Sandy Bay image courtesy of

Sandy Bay Beach is one of Cape Town’s most inacessible beaches which makes it perfect to go naked in south Africa

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The Pick of the Best Nudist Beaches in New Zealand

Nudist Beaches in New Zealand

Courtesy of the New Zealand Travel Guide

You can find wonderful places all over to go nude in NZ there are no specific laws forbidding public nudity – which makes if perfect to go nude in New Zealand.  English speaking and a laid back European style, means that naturists are welcome,  nudist beaches in New Zealand are frequently found as are beaches where nudity is welcomed. 

Naturist will find the north of New Zealand more welcoming as it is warmer

There are several established and well-known nudist beaches in New Zealand – particularly up north, where the weather is generally warmer – as well as many beaches where clothing is optional. Even many of the country’s popular public beaches have set-aside sections where nudists and naturists typically gather.

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