Dutch Nudist and Naturist Beaches Near Amsterdam, Netherlands – Naaktstrand Scheveningen

Dutch Nudist Beaches and Naturist resorts near Amsterdam – Naaktstrand Scheveningen

Full nudity is restricted in the Netherlands. Like much of Europe, Holland also has beaches where nudism is permitted: either dedicated beaches or separate areas reserved for naturism, look out for naturistenstrand or naaktstrand. The nude beaches reviewed below are open to everyone, and are close to Amsterdam. (Thanks to About.com for this information.)

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Scheveningen The Netherlands’ most famous seaside resort, about 75 – 90 mins from Amsterdam Central Station; look between poles 98.0 and 96.5 for the nudism area.

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The pick of Swedish nudist beaches – Meet Swedish Nudists

Swedish nudist beaches are amongst the best in the world.

As you probably know, Swedes are pretty chilled out and open-minded and many like to enjoy a swim or to sunbathe in the nude. Nudism in Sweden is totally natural and absolutely nothing unusual and Swedes view nudism and nudity as stricly non-erotic and non-sexual. There is a strong association generally outside Sweden and an unjustified prejudice that Sweden is all about sex and nudism (which is incorrect.) This closed-minded prejudice stems from early teachings about sex in Swedish schools, Swedish sexy blondes, when a liberal minded nation got unjustifiably tarnished with the reputation for hot sex and loose women. 

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