South Africa Nudist Beaches – Sandy Bay Beach

Going Naked in South Africa may be harder than you think.  Nude is often a no-no in the country.

South African Nudist Beaches are scarce on the ground despite the fact that there are many people interested in going naked in South Africa.  The best way to meet others who like to go nude whether you are visiting for a holiday or you live in South Africa and wish to meet fellow friends is via a discrete site where you can let your interest be known and meet others who like to go naked in South Africa.  Visit to find new friends to share your hobby safely and legally.

South African Nudist Beaches Sandy Bay Beach.

Sandy Bay Beach is the only South African Nudist Beach and it holds that status unofficially. Located in Cape Town the stunning white sandy beach is just south of Llandudno.  Suitable and unofficially approved for nude sunbathing and surfing, the beach has a spectacular setting with a view of the Twelve Apostles mountain range in the distance.

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Athletic visitor at Sandy Bay image courtesy of

Sandy Bay Beach is one of Cape Town’s most inacessible beaches which makes it perfect to go naked in south Africa

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