The Pick of the Best Nudist Beaches in New Zealand

nudist beaches in NZ

Nudist Beaches in New Zealand

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You can find wonderful places all over to go nude in NZ there are no specific laws forbidding public nudity – which makes if perfect to go nude in New Zealand.  English speaking and a laid back European style, means that naturists are welcome,  nudist beaches in New Zealand are frequently found as are beaches where nudity is welcomed. 

Naturist will find the north of New Zealand more welcoming as it is warmer

There are several established and well-known nudist beaches in New Zealand – particularly up north, where the weather is generally warmer – as well as many beaches where clothing is optional. Even many of the country’s popular public beaches have set-aside sections where nudists and naturists typically gather.

Nudist beaches in New Zealand are often not exclusive be aware of your fellow bathers feelings

On these beaches, nude sunbathing, skinny dipping, and walking are perfectly fine, but if you want to go nude in NZ  it should be noted that many of these beaches welcome families – so keep that in mind, and be respectful. Those wishing to be nude at the beach should also be aware of the areas generally used by nudists and naturists, so as not to offend any ordinary beach-goers.

Be aware of the strong sun when you go nude in New Zealand

Read our guide to nudist beach etiquette here. And, of course, everyone who spends time on a beach in New Zealand should be sure to apply lots of sunscreen all over!  Above New Zealand the Ozone Layer is quite thin, so despite the temperate climate it has one of the shortest burn times in the world – don’t get caught out –  if you are bathing nude remember to apply cream everywhere – but in a discrete way that won’t be misunderstood – you don’t want to get certain bits burned!

If as a naturist, you want to show all your skin, here are a few of the best places to go nude in NZ : Northland / Auckland Nude Beaches.
The majority of New Zealand’s established naturist beaches lie up north, where the temperatures are generally the warmest in the summer months.

Uretiti Beach, Northland –  38 km away from Whangarei in Northland, Uretiti Beach is popular with tourists and locals. There is a camp ground next to the beach run by the Department of Conservation (DOC) which makes this a very popular holiday destination for naturist and those that prefer clothes.

Customer reviews of the area from TripAdvisor:”Waipu Caves in Waipu are awesome (unguided) and the nearby DOC camp at Uretiti beach (just off main road in Waipu) is a popular overnight camping ground. Waipoua forest on west coast is a NZ must see.”

Best Nudist Beaches in New Zealand St. Leonard’s Beach, Auckland

This beach used to be one of New Zealand’s most popular for naturists, until a local authority crack down on those going Nude in NZ following indecent behavior by a few individuals. in recent years things have calmed down and both clothed families and those that choose to go nude in NZ can again be found here.

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Go Nude in NZ at Pohutukawa Bay, Auckland

This is one of Auckland’s most-frequented naturist beaches, 20 minutes walk north of Long Bay. The beach is named after the pohutukawa tree, a tree with stunning blooms providing welcome shade in the summer. Popular with families this is an exception amongst the best nudist beaches in New Zealand.

Pohutukawa Bay, Auckland, naturist, Nudist Beaches in New Zealand, go nude in NZ

Pohutukawa Bay, Auckland

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Ladies Bay, Auckland – This is a long-standing and popular nudist beach not far from Auckland. And, despite it’s name, it’s not just for women!

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Orpheus Bay, Auckland – Another popular nudist spot near Auckland, this one is located on the northern side of Manukau Harbor.

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Little Palm Beach, Waiheke Island (near Auckland) – All the beaches on Waiheke are very popular places for both locals and visitors, and most beaches have a clothing-optional attitude. There are several places known for skinny-dipping on the island, with Little Palm Beach being one of them.

Little Palm Beach, Waiheke Island, naturists, go nude in NZ

Reviews of Little Palm Beach, Waiheke Island from TripAdvisor:”Palm Beach is more sheltered compared to Onetangi because it’s a smaller beach and has the good fortune of having 2 headlands either side. Little Oneroa has a more northerly aspect. Enclosure Bay is very pretty with its lagoon, and adjacant headland (which forms part of Palm Beach headland).”

Opoutere Beach, Coromandel – This beach is popular with nudists, and also features a DOC campground nearby. The nudist part of this beach is at the northern end.

Opoutere Beach Coramandel

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Accommodation review near Opoutere Beach, Coromandel from TripAdvisor:”If you want to get away from the world then this is about as quiet and peaceful as you could wish for, with lovely gardens to relax in you don’t even have to leave the property to chill out. We stayed in November and the smell of honeysuckle on the veranda was delicious! Yet it also has fantastic access to the major Coromandel sights and is only minutes from the amazing Opoutere Beach and close to Whangamata for restaurants and cafes. The rooms are really comfortable and clean with a guest lounge with sofas, TV, loads of information and a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and biscuits. There is also always a lovely bottle of wine in the fridge and a daily supplied plate of cheese and biscuits and nibbles. Not that you will go hungry as Lynne’s breakfasts are great!”

Bay of Plenty / Taupo Nude Beaches.

Papamoa Beach, Bay of Plenty – Located in the sunny Bay of Plenty, Papamoa is one of New Zealand’s long-standing and popular nudist beaches – please don’t be put off by this natural weather phenomenon

Reviews of Papamoa Beach Bay Of Plenty Top 10 Resort from TripAdvisor:”After three weeks in New Zealand travelling around to various hotels and towns, I have to say that the Top 10 Holiday Resort at Papamoa was by far my favorite place, and time, of the whole holiday. Not only was the bungalow located right next to the beach, but the resort itself is really well located for other amenaties, and the big bouncy things are worth a try!. The grounds were kept immaculate, and the staff were so friendly and helpful that you could tell they took great pride in their job.”

It’s a gorgeous place, the Bay of Plenty, check this out:

5 Mile Bay, Taupo – rather than being beside the sea this beach is located 5 km from the town centre on the edge of Lake Taupo in the middle of the North Island. Walk 100 m from the entrance to find those who like to bathe nude.

5 mile bay taupo

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Kapiti Coast / Wellington Nude Beaches

Peka Peka Beach, Kapiti Coast – In the Wellington region, Peka Peka Beach is often noted as the first in the beach to be recognised for skinny-dipping.

Traveller review from TripAdvisor:”A friend recommended this B&B knowing we like: the beach, quirky and fantastic! The people were super and the location is gorgeous as is the accommodation. Hope we get to go back for longer in the summer, although August on the beach was terrific….”

Breaker Bay, WellingtonBreaker Bay in the suburb of Seatoun is the most popular beach in Wellington. Frequently used by naturists however this isn’t a strictly a naturist beach.

Traveller review from TripAdvisor:”Large beach with spectacular views but more shingle than sand.”

South Island Nude Beaches.
The South Island, with its cooler climate and often-rocky beaches doesn’t have as many nudist beaches to offer. However, naturists can be found in most larger cities, as can nude beaches.

Milnthorpe Beach, Golden Bay – one of the most popular amongst many beaches in sunny Golden Bay are suitable for naturists.

Spencerville, North Beach and Waikuku Beach, Christchurch – Both of these beaches are popular skinny-dipping spots near Christchurch, with Spencerville being slightly easier to access than Waikuku.

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