South Africa Nudist Beaches – Sandy Bay Beach

Going Naked in South Africa may be harder than you think.  Nude is often a no-no in the country.

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South African Nudist Beaches Sandy Bay Beach.

Sandy Bay Beach is the only South African Nudist Beach and it holds that status unofficially. Located in Cape Town the stunning white sandy beach is just south of Llandudno.  Suitable and unofficially approved for nude sunbathing and surfing, the beach has a spectacular setting with a view of the Twelve Apostles mountain range in the distance.

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Athletic visitor at Sandy Bay image courtesy of

Sandy Bay Beach is one of Cape Town’s most inacessible beaches which makes it perfect to go naked in south Africa

A 20 minute walk from the nearest car park which does not have nearly enough spaces for the visitors who wish to park.  There are wooded walkways to make visiting easier and protect the environment. Although the mountains and dunes offer some protection the beach can be prone to getting windy at times.  This is a beach only for the most determined of visitor!

South African Nudist Beaches, Naked, Go naked in South Africa

Spectacular Setting of Sandy Bay Beach with the Twelve Apostle Mountain Range which make access quite a challenge. Image courtesy of

Visitor review:

“A walk along the coast from the cap park brings you to Cape Towns nudest beach in South Africa, Sandy Bay Beach. Known for natural beauty and naturalism. Protected from the wind and enclosed with sand dunes it makes for a good place to escape the crowds, and no you don’t have to be naked to enjoy it, its just an option. The beach is generally known to be gay friendly. A word of warning, wander off into the bushes can be dangerous.”

Sandy Bay Beach is popular gay cruising spot. Most of the cruising takes place at the far side of the beach.

Going Naked in South Africa is not for the Feint Hearted

Amenities: There are no shops and no public toilets.

Crime: Please be warned there have been some quite violent crimes in the area over the years it’s a good idea to go at peak times and always visit as part of a group.  Peeping Toms can be a bit of a nuisence with cameras quite openly used.  Off the popular path you will stumble upon undesireables with binoculars spying on visitors.  This is not a beach for the passive naturist!

Watch a video showcasing Sandy Bay Beach South Africa:

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