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Swedish nudist beaches are amongst the best in the world.

As you probably know, Swedes are pretty chilled out and open-minded and many like to enjoy a swim or to sunbathe in the nude. Nudism in Sweden is totally natural and absolutely nothing unusual and Swedes view nudism and nudity as stricly non-erotic and non-sexual. There is a strong association generally outside Sweden and an unjustified prejudice that Sweden is all about sex and nudism (which is incorrect.) This closed-minded prejudice stems from early teachings about sex in Swedish schools, Swedish sexy blondes, when a liberal minded nation got unjustifiably tarnished with the reputation for hot sex and loose women. 

So, if you are in Sweden and you want to go “au naturel”, what do you do if you want to enjoy the beach naked? Well, there are many Swedish nudist beaches. Check out these great popular nude beaches in Sweden,there is a location map for the beaches here, and for each of the featured locations below, there are directions and guidelines for your information:

Stockholm: Ågesta Nude Bathing

Ågesta nude beach in Stockholm is one of the most popular swedish nudist beaches  a favourite with those who live in the Swedish capital.  There are picnic tables and play areas, as well as a nice sandy beach.

TRAVEL: It is easy to get there by public transport take the 742 or 833 bus from Stockholm you need the Rödmossevägen stop.  Alternatively if you’re driving go to southern end of Lake Magelungen and follow the sign posts to Agesta nude beach.

nude beach

Södertälje / Stockholm: Tullan Nude Beach

20 minutes away from Södertälje in Sweden is Tullan nude beach.  TRAVEL by car using the E4 or E20 highway takes 30 mins from Stockholm or Sodertalje. You can also get to the lake by buses from Sodertalje.

Go to the north end of the lake to find the nude beach at Tullan lake the section reserved for naturists is disapointingly rocky you need to bring something to sit on and be warned there are no public facilities! Other parts of the beach are sandy and the surf is good – these areas are much nicer to sit on – but you have to put on your clothes!

Stockholm-Saltsjöbaden: Svärdsön Nude Beach

Erstavik’s Svärdsön Nude Beach between Stockholm-Saltsjöbaden and Älgö has access to basic public facilities nearby there is a little more sand here but it’s still rocky.

Clothing is optional so this beach is not an official nude beach.

From Stockholm, take the bus (or drive) past Saltsjöbaden and toward Älgö. It’s around 15 km to Svärdsön Nude Beach. Get off at Älgövägen and follow the path to the nude beach.

Stockholm-Vaxholm: Säbyträsk Nude Beach

Säbyträsk Nude Beach is pleasant rocky lakeside location 30 min NE of Stockholm. With natural surroundings the nudist beach is quiet but lacks public facilities and there is no access to running water. A secretive and private location perfect to enjoy nudism in Sweden.

TRAVEL to Säbyträsk nude beach take the 670 bus to Pollacktorp from Stockholm walk back from the bus stop about half a km, take a left to get to the lake.  Drivers follow the E18 then take the R274E after about 5km take a right turn into a narrow road leading toward the beach.

Lidköping: Truvebadet Nude Beach

Truvebadet on Lake Vanern in the Gothenburg area is an easy to find Nude Beach. Very popular with the locals this lovely location is split into two beaches – one where you must be clothed and the other nude. The beach offers nudists in Sweden lots of sand, grassy areas for sunbathing however there is no access to drinking water so be prepared and take drinks with you.  You must wear clothes at the local campground, Filsbäcks, where there is also a golf course, free parking, and public restrooms.

TRAVEL : If you are travelling by car you need to get to Lidköping town and then take r44 for about 5 km east to Lake Vänern.

Uddevalla: Mollön peninsula

Located on Sweden’s west coast the Mollön peninsula has two beaches one nude and one where clothing is required.  Both beaches have beautiful sand, but neither have public facilities.  The unofficial nude beach on Mollön peninsula is a popular and beautiful spot for nude bathing which is located toward the south and west beaches of Mollön.

TRAVEL  The peninsula is 8 km from Uddevalla, one hour north of Göteborg.  If you are driving take r44 from Uddevalla toward Herrestad and take the left turning at Undavägen. Take a right turning for Mollon (signposted) which is just after the signs for the Unda camping site.  The beach is at the end of a gravel path park as close as you can to the path.

Gothenburg: Smitska Udden Nude Beach

Located on the peninsula Näset, Smitska Udden nude beach in southern Goteborg is one of the nicest nude beaches in Sweden.  Very popular for sunbathing and swimming there is also an area where clothing is required take care not to wander into the wrong area!

Smitska Udden beach, whilst stunning and secluded is somewhat rocky and very steep.  So steep infact that there are ladders leading into the water – footwear is essential when entering the water to to swim in order to avoid cuts and other injurys to your feet. There are two sections to the beach one for nudism one clothed – look out for signs saying “Stensholmen Nakenbad”  these are located on the rockface and will indicate the nude beach area where it is safe to practice nudism.  Thankfully there are public facilities here but unfortunately you will have to put your clothes back on if you need the restrooms – they are located in the other half of the beach.

TRAVEL:  Using public transport take the 92 bus from Goteborg to Näset.  If you are driving take the r158 south toward Näsets Badväg where the carpark is located.  From the carpark 10 minutes walking will get you to the beach.

Öregrund: Tallparksbadet Nude Beach

North of Stockholm in Oregund is Tallparksbadet Nude Beach.  A rocky but well maintained official nude beach it is one of the best swedish nudist beaches for facilities and services with restrooms and nearby camping areas where clothing is required.

TRAVEL: 2 hours north of Stockholm taking the E18 and the E76 through Norrtalje toward Östhammar  lies the town of Öregrund.  1 km west is Tallparksbadet Nude Beach.  Public transport is easy the bus going to Tallparksvägen will take you there quickly.  If you are driving take the route along Västergatan and turn north onto Hummelvägen.  When you reach the tennis courts its a short walk on to the beach.

Calling the Östhammar municipality, operator of the beach on +46 173 86000 will provide you with information about current swimming conditions on Swedish Nudist Beaches.

Arboga: Herrfallet Nude Beach

If you prefer a sandy beach Herrfallet nude beach is the pick of the sandy swedish nudist beaches around Lake Hjalmaren offering an exquisit bathing experience and public restrooms on site.  Located in southern Sweden, near to Arboga town the lakes are 150 kilometers west of Stockholm

TRAVEL: to get to Herrfallet take road E20 to Arboga and then travel south for a further 20 mins.  Once you have reached the campground at Herrfallet follow signs to the left for the “Naturistbad”.

Thank you, IF YOU LIKE NUDISM  we hope you find the best Swedish nudist beach for you.

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